the worlds most brilliant gem ®

There is nothing quite like the beauty and fire of natural moissanite, discovered over a century ago in an ancient meteorite by dr. Henri Moissan. Inspired by the brilliance of this increadibly rare mineral Charles & Colvard created and patented an ethical process for growing gem-quality moissanite. More brilliant than a diamond at a fraction of the cost, more durable than a sapphire, ruby or emerald, nothing compares to our Charles & Colvard created Moissanite.

Blending art and science to create briliance.

Moissanite takes your breath away with its dazzling sparkle. This incredible near-colourless gem has the faintest hints of green, grey, teal and yellow, just enough to lend definition to its facets. Experienced gemstone cutters masterfully facet and hand-polish each piece to release its exceptional brilliance and draw out its intrinsic fire. The result truly is the world’s most brilliant gem.


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Moissanite created by Charles & Colvard is guaranteed to last forever. Each gem comes with a certificate of authenticity and limited lifetime warranty ensuring that it will maintain its briliance and fire , without ever fading or changing colour.